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Jacob Doty Discovers The Secret of Success at 17

Millennials can be found watching YouTube videos, performing ice water challenges or other social media events, and even texting while sitting in class. These individuals haven’t known a life without technology – a payphone might as well be considered a historical landmark.

Not Jacob Doty, a 17-year-old senior at Franklin High School in Elk Grove, Ca. Jacob has decided to take a slightly different approach to his teen years than most of his Generation X counterparts. If Jacob isn’t at the gym working on his overall health and fitness, you might find him at a local car meet or even playing Lacrosse.

Jacob Doty is also one of the few high school students that spends 25 hours a year volunteering his services to places like community food service closets or at a refugee planting trees for endangered birds. Being an only child, most would think that Jacob would find himself lonely at home.

Not Jacob Doty – he decided to find a summer internship in the technology industry to build his skills for his future career. While most teenagers spend their summer enjoying the sunshine and beach, Jacob is building his future. Jacob found his summer internship, but didn’t stop there.

Working at American Web, Jacob noticed a common trend with how people shop in today’s technology world. Instead of complaining about it, Jacob decided to do something about it – he created Golden Valet with the help of American Web.

Golden Valet is a mobile app that makes having a personal assistant available to the average person without any hassle. Using a customized rating system, Golden Valet will find a local business that fits your needs and help schedule the appointment all with a few touches of a button. Within minutes a handy man, a plumber, an electrician, or whatever service you need, will be scheduled.

Golden Valet takes the trouble out of having to spend time researching local companies online, reviewing their customer comments, verifying if the company holds a valid business license, and so much more. A high school senior that simply wanted to think outside the box one summer generated not only a way to better manage time, but also a way to find truly good customer service.

So what does his parents and friend’s think of how Jacob Doty spends his time outside of high school classes?

Well Jacob admits he doesn’t often talk about his success to his friends. Jacob says, “We have other things to chit chat about – like cars, sports, and working out.” His parents say, “Jacob has always been one to do things on his own even when it came to learning how to swim as a child. He jumps in the pool and didn’t stop until he figured out what to do all on his own and that just seems to be how he approaches most things in his life – head on.”

The success Jacob Doty has found at 17 years old isn’t due to an increase in financial means, a bigger house, or a nicer car. Jacob’s secret to success is working for your passion, appreciating the time you have to spend with the ones you love, and being as big of a goof as you can be on your downtime. Jacob keeps his close friends and family laughing at all the events and can always be found trying to enjoy whatever curve ball life throws at him.

In all honesty, most of us in this world could learn a lot from Jacob Doty. At 17 years old he has achieved what most of us aspire for our entire life – happiness.

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